A MAN punched his girlfriend’s gay friend over a false claim they were homosexual lovers, a court heard.

Gay man Allan Binns suffered bruising, a cut to his right eyebrow and pain in his shoulder after Lee Parr, 31, attacked him at his Lincoln home.

Daniel Paulson, prosecuting at Lincoln Magistrates’ Court, said Mr Binns had told Parr’s girlfriend over lunch he had performed a sex act on him.

Mr Paulson said: “Mr Binns was a friend of Mr Parr’s girlfriend.
“He believes there was a homophobic motive to the assault.

“He was at home when he was woken up by banging on the front door, Mr Parr entered and punched him.

“In his personal impact statement, Mr Binns said he does not feel safe in his own home and places a cabinet over the spyhole in the front door.”

Parr, of Ryland Road, Dunholme, near Lincoln, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm on November 11 last year.

Parr’s solicitor, Lloyd Edwards, said Binns’s false allegation about the defendant’s sexuality was a ploy to get his female friend to dump Parr.

“My client is not, in any way, homosexual,” said Mr Edwards.

“Mr Binns is trying to claim he had an affair with my client.

“That seems to suggest my client is a homosexual – he is not.

“Mr Binns made the extraordinary claim that he had sex with Mr Parr.

“That allegation is completely untrue. It was made to cause trouble between Mr Parr and his girlfriend and it seems he has achieved exactly that.”

The court heard that Mr Binns also sent several texts to the woman, including: “He’s not the one for you” and “I’m your best friend”.

Mr Edwards said when Parr went to Binns’s house to verbally challenge him, the complainant laughed in his face.

“Mr Parr assaults Mr Binns,” said Mr Edwards.

“He accepts this was not the right way to go about it and this has led to the separation from his girlfriend.”

He will be sentenced on April 1, following a probation report.

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