A DISGUSTED mother-of-three has called for action against perverts committing “vile” sex acts at a popular family picnic site.

Samantha Hindle, of Hapton, is sickened that Mill Hill Lane picnic area has become a seedy “dogging” hotspot for gay men.

She claims scores of men are engaging in sordid sexual acts in the bushes and the rural beauty spot is littered with extreme pornography.

Mrs Hindle, who walks her dogs in the woods with her three children, says the lewd behaviour is putting families off visiting the site.

She said: “It is shameless. They are so blatant about it. I sometimes take my children up there and there are men in the bushes and they ask what is going on. It is like a mass orgy up there. It happens at all times of the day.

“My little boy has picked up a magazine and said ‘what is that?’ It was so graphic. The area is littered with pornography and I dread to think what the tissues and baby wipes have been used for. It is vile.”

She has called for police to crack down on the activities which she says have stopped families using the site.

“When you are out with your children on a Sunday afternoon and see that, it is wrong. I want a stop to it.”

The issue was raised at this week’s meeting of Hapton Parish Council.

Coun. Joanne Greenwood, councillor for Hapton with Park, said: “It is indecent. Lots of families go up walking in the woods. My advice to anyone up there who sees anything is to ring the police. They are aware of the problem.

“They have been going up and monitoring the area. People should not be put off from going up there.”