We’re live!

After months of testing and tweaking, the newest website on the Gay scene has finally arrived. Let’s Go Cottaging is aimed at people who have an interest in Cottaging and Cruising. Not everyone can claim to be an expert or a regular – you’ve got to start somewhere. Let’s Go Cottaging allows you to sign up for free, browse fellow Cottaging and Cruising enthusiasts, share some fun, laughs and you never know – a meeting might be on the cards.

Our coverage is across the whole of the UK so if you want to find someone who likes Cottaging and who lives in Berkshire, we’ve got it covered. Pick a major county in England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland and we’ll show you a good time!

About The Author

Cottaging is a gay slang term for having non-committed casual sex in a public lavatory (a cottage) or for cruising for sex or picking up sexual partners in public lavatories with the intention of having sex elsewhere.