Grampian Cottaging

At Let's Go Cottaging we've made Cottaging in toilets all over Grampian our business. The Cottaging scene is thriving with more and more men going cruising looking for sexual partners in public lavatories with the intention of having sex. We offer a service to the gay community that allows you to meet and arrange these events in advance

People looking to go Cottaging in the UK

Nissim (Grampian)

Banff, AB45

Duncan (Grampian)

Aberdeen, AB16

Colin (Grampian)

Peterhead, AB42

Vernon (Grampian)

Huntly, AB54

Ahmed (Grampian)

Ballatar, AB35

Phillip (Grampian)

Westhill, AB32

Cooper (Grampian)

Aberdeen Airport, AB21

Jared (Grampian)

Ballatar, AB35

Bradley (Grampian)

Turriff, AB53

Thomas (Grampian)

Aberdeen, AB23

and more...

Not only does it not cost you a penny to join the site but it also doesnt cost to search for Dogging lovers in your area
We have a UK based call centre should you have any issues when using the site.
We are fully optimised to work on your PC, Mac, Mobile and tablet.

Grampian Cottaging

Cottaging is our speciality and we wanted to create a safe online environment for something that is happening everyday. . No matter what time of day you're online you're guaranteed to find thousands of people logged in just like you.

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