Cottaging Code (Hanky Code)

The Hanky Code is a traditional form of signaling to others what your sexual preferences and interests are. A coloured handkerchief is placed in a way such as to be easily visible in either the left or right rear trouser pocket is well known. In the Cottaging world, the same system is used but the handkie is tied around the ankle so that it can be seen through the gap at the bottom of the partition wall and as such is an invaluable aid to anyone with an interest in the activity.


Left foot - heavy S+M bottom. Right foot - heavy S+M top


Left foot - Bondage top. Right foot - likes to be tied up.

Black with white stripe

Left foot - likes black tops. Right foot - likes black tops

Black velvet

Left foot - has videos. Right foot - will perform for camera.

Light blue

Left foot - wants head. Right foot - wants to give head.

Light blue with white stripe:

Left foot - sailor. Right foot - looking for salty seadogs


Left foot - fister. Right foot - fistee.


Use your imagination here.

Various others

Various other colours have various other meanings, and combinations of colours can mean different things. Therefore, if you're new to cottaging, it might be best to go for an orange handkie around your left ankle, signifying your readiness for anything, anytime. Have fun!